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James Heckmen 5 Time Gold Metalist, Signed My Massage Table, after working on him at the 2004 USA FINE World Swimming Championships in Indianapolis Indiana

Indiana Best Sport Injury Natural Recovery and Prevention with Sports, Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage and Cupping.

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Muscle For Muscle Massage For Natural Sports Injury Recovery and Prevention.


  Hello,  My Name is Jack...,

                   I was a Professional Therapeutic Sports and Deep Tissue Massage Therapist for 15 years with an interest in building a New Professional Massage Client List, for Private Office my home in Mooresville, Indiana. I moved from my old location of 8 years in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. I know most people think Mooresville Indiana, in a long drive, but you can get here in 20 to 30 minutes and it is a Peaceful Location with Private Parking..! Plus, it will be worth the drive because I am told, I was Indiana Best Professional Sports Massage Therapist for Natural Recovery and Prevention of Sports Injury...., looking to help Professional Athlete's to the Weekend Worrier, the natural way..!

               I was Professionally Trained with over 700 hours of classroom instruction from IUPUI, Massage Therapy Program and A School of Natural Healing for Sport Stretching with Massage. Also, I am Licensed in the State of Indiana for Massage Therapy, Plus a Member of the Associated Bodyworks & Massage Professionals for the last 8 years. I have been Very Lucky and Happy to work as a Professional Massage Therapist with the St., V., Sport Med., Staff and Indiana Sports Corp., on Major Sports events here in Indianapolis, starting with the 2004 U.S.A., FINA World Swimming Championships, The 2006 & 2007 U.S.A., Track and Field Championships and 2008 USA Olympic Diving Championships, all here in Indianapolis, Indiana.

   On a more personal note, I was an athlete when growing-up and into all types of sports like Football, Basketball, Baseball, Wrestling, Tennis, Indy Car Racing and other things. After getting out of high school, I started Bodybuilding and some how ended up in Personal Fitness and Sports Training for a few years with people at the gym and after a few years around two or three different gyms I started working with more and more Runners, Swimmers, Cyclist and now I working with a lot of Tri-Athlete's and Pro-Ball Players. I am sure the reason The Pro Football, Baseball and Basketball Players like my work is that it Helps a LOT, to have the Muscle and Body Size to work on the Big Guys and that is also how I got the name of the business "Muscle For Muscle". I know that being a former Athlete and Personal Trainer has helped me to understand my Clients needs and Help them with getting to a "GOAL" to get the most from the Muscles, Mind and Body. It also helps to know the different sports, the different training for each sport and how the body is used for each sport.. I also know Sports Training and Regular Massage Therapy go hand in hand to help your body and Mind... but most of all.., For Improving Your Performance On and Off the Field...!

( Note: If you are a Professional Athlete, I do offer V.I.P., Services, like Out-calls and On-call Services...! Out-call and On-call services are Only for V.I.P. Members or Professional Athletes after working with you one time first....! )

    I Specialize in Sport injury recovery, Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage and I just added Cupping, Elect Stym, and Altra-sound for recover, for all types of people and take Pride in Providing Discrete Professional Services in a wonderful New Mooresville location, with free off-street parking. 

  As for Spa Services... Some Treatments will need a week or more notice...,  Spa Service and Treatments are Wonderful way to treat yourself to smoother better skin and great personal service with out the wait. It is nice to get out of the rat race of a day spa, gyms or salons and not be rushed out the door. 

 As for my rates, I charged by the "Session", rather then an "Hourly Fee" like most Gyms, Salons, Day Spa's or Other Massage Therapists that charge you by the hour. Ihave always, Charge by-the-Session to take my time with a client and help them by dedicating time to each individual clients needs and provide a choice of Massage Sessions and Spa Treatments or Services.            
Please take the time to look over my wed site with all the "NEW CHANGES", information on My Sports Massage Business. Then if you need more info., or like to set an appointment,

 Feel Free to Text or Call..., Jack 317-750-5668

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                                      Thanks You and Have a Great Day...!,

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   Information for the "First Time Client...!"

 Choosing...., "The Right Massage For You.!"

   As a first time client, take the time to look-over my web site and check out all the different types of massage and therapy sessions, plus the information about the Spa Treatments and Services, like the Sports and Body Grooming for Men. You may be shocked to hear or know, all the massage and therapy sessions are very relaxing, even the Deep Tissue Massage session and Sports recovery Massage sessions, can be very relaxing, plus therapeutic at the same time. If you think you would like a light or soft touch massage, try the Swedish Massage. If you are looking for a firm massage or a massage to help with sore tight muscles, soft tissue pain or scar tissue, try the Deep Tissue Massage Session. If you want all the above and enjoy stretching with your massage, try the Sports Recovery/Prevention Massage. I must say..., My Sports Recovery/Prevention Massage Session is my Best Massage Therapy Session that I offer and it is the type of work my clients ask for the most. If you are an athlete or not, you'll see the difference in your performance and in the way you and your muscles feel and re-act after my deep tissue or sports massage session. Almost anyone that has had my work can tell you how much, I can help Athlete's or Non-Athlete's with soft tissue pain, the stress of everyday life, work-outs, training, personal problems and body performance, improving you and your sport. No need to be shy, I have all types of clients, young and old, in-shape or out of shape and I have lots of reg., clients. I always enjoy meeting new clients and helping them with meeting the goals and/ or problems. I often tell people to let my hands..., do the talking. Once you try my work, you'll wish you had started sooner. 

   First of all, a massage is going to help you to relax " Mind and Body". Putting your mind and your body at rest and to recover from stress of a work-outs, sport training, everyday home, family and office life. Plus, massage should help with head aches, soft tissue pain, muscle and joint pains, improve sleep, relax tight sore muscles and start faster recovery time from injury, work-outs, training or practice. Massage move fresh blood and oxygen to muscle and soft tissue and by getting fresh blood and oxygen to the muscles, soft tissue and pushing out the toxins, like lactic acid from the muscles and soft tissue will help the body and muscle recover and function better. Did you know, massage can also take the pain and pressure off the body joints by relaxing the muscles and letting your joints move more freely, it can help with all types of joint pains. Now you have most of the facts and good reasoning, to make massage a part of our life. It's not just the Athlete's, anyone can see improvement right away and get health and wellness from Massage. It can even tone muscles with reg., massage, for breaking up scar tissue from old or new injuries. As you may also know, Stretching and Massage work best together, and in my Sports Recovery/Prevention Massage Session, I have both together it is the best thing for improving flexibility and range of motion that can prevent injuries and improve your "Sports Performance". 

   All of my massage sessions will start about the same. The first time client will need to feel out a client information form, letting me know more about the health and needs of the client. We'll do a quick review and go over any questions you may have. Then to start the massage, I'll show you the massage or treatment room and a place to put your things. I'll go over how to start your massage session, then I'll step out of the room to let you disrobe to your comfort level, you will be draped with a towel or sheet, so if you like you can be totally undress under the sheet or towel, letting me work more freely with easy and long full strokes to flush out toxins from the body. ( If you choose to be naked or "NOT", under the towel or sheet is always up "YOU"..! I do not care one way or the other and I have worked in too many gyms and locker rooms to care.  Also Note; The Sport Massage you may want to wear underwear, a jock, g-string or what-ever, briefs are o.k, but boxer briefs get in the way of the hip joint, but because of the stretching it can be hard to keep you covered as we do the stretching...., But Again.., You have a choice..! I can work around anything .. almost..! LOL..!) Anyway back to the Massage session. Once I think you are ready to start the massage, I'll knock and ask if are ready and then enter. I then ask if you would like the optional face, stomach or scalp massage. All massage bodywork sessions have a choices of face, stomach and scalp included in the price of the massage. Also all the massage sessions are full body massage session, it's a total body work. I do not work on just one part of the body or one area like the lower back or just the legs.  I have seen many times when the clients back pain is do to the legs being too tight or a clients head aches was do to neck and shoulder problems!  Anyway.., With that said, the soft lights and music should be starting to relax you and it's time to start with a warm scented oil or gel to massage you with. As for talking, I'll talk only if you like or if I need feed back on stretching, soreness and pressure of the massage bodywork  session.  I'll use warm moist heat pads in all massage and therapy session as well, the heat pads on your back feels great as you're getting the massage and it seem to melt the clients stress away and the heat also can relax and warm the muscle making them easy to work..!  Once I have massaged, stretched and worked the full body, on booth sides and I am finished, I'll let you know, I have sat out a clean towel, mints and a Cold Bottle of Water, for you and then I'll step out of the room to let you get dressed. You'll want to move slow and take your time getting off the table.. you maybe light headed after the massage or therapy session, it's only a few min., and then you'll feel the difference in mind, body and in time your Sport, "It's GREAT..!".

 ( Something I tell Clients and Athlete's all the time...., Massage / Bodywork session is like waking up from a great sleep, relaxed, refreshed with no pain and ready to start the day or like re-setting your "Power Breaker ", letting Body, Mind and "SPORT", be the Best it Can Be...! )


 Things to Know before booking an appointment...

   To book all appointments, I need to know your Name, your first choice of Date and Time you would like your appointment, the Type of massage ( and / or not ) spa treatment or spa services. I'll need a phone number, you can be reach at on the day of the massage or spa treatment, in case..., I should need to reach you before your appointment and confirm direction to the office, if needed..!. ( Cell phones work best, if you have one..! )

   You should try to give as much notice as you can when booking an appointment, it would give you a better chance to get the time of day and date you would like, need or want for an appointment. For same day appointments, you may want to call to make the appointment, because I do not always have time to check emails but check phone voice mail, a.s.a.p...!, between clients.

   You may want to pick a few dates and times that works best for,  just in case I happen to be busy. But because Massage Therapy is all I do and I work everyday, even Sunday's and most holidays I can most likely get you in with a days notice or even same day, also you should pick a time near the end of your day, ( if you can? ) or after your work-out, training or whatever. The main reason is to let you and your body rest and recover after the massage session. Massage is good for your mind, body and Sport not only relaxing muscle, helping with soft tissue pain, removes toxins and increases fresh blood and oxygen flow into the muscle and soft tissue starting your recovery from work-outs and training. If you need an appointment.... a.s.a.p.!, because of sore, tight or painful muscles from an injury or just sleeping wrong, you may want to call for same day appointments. Sometimes, I can get people in with an hour or two notice in most cases, depending on weather, other client and appointments.  Also, if you are going to want any Spa Treatments, Spa Services or a Shower after, before or both with your massage or therapy session, "Please..!," let me know at the time you book the massage, to allow me time between clients and to book other appointment accordingly.

*Appointments Only..!, "Sorry No Walk Inns...!" ...Please, Call for  "Same-day " Appointments..!

* Cash Only..! until I get to know a client, then I may take a check..!

                 Sorry..., NO Checks Or Credit Cards..!.

 ( If you need to cancel..., PLEASE..., try to give a 24 hour notice or for same day appointment two hour cancellation notice from the client or the client will be charge full price of the massage session for No Show Appointments.)



             Office Hours


                   Monday to Friday

                   10am to 8pm (All appointment time is Flexible, with 24 to 48 hour Notice!)

                  Saturday & Sunday

                  10:00AM to 8:00PM (Weekend Appointment Must be made by 12pm Friday.)



   ( * Please Note, Special request for appointments after or before reg., business hours for a $25.00 to $50.00 after hour fee. Also, to check out the V.I.P., Services on the "Contact Me and More", tab on this site.)



           Gift Certificates Available