Other Techniques Offered...,

    Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage &
  Deep Tissue Massage Sessions
Cupping / Electronic Muscle Stimulator for growth and Recovery/ Altra-Sound to Breakup Scare Tissue.

Swedish Massage Streching
Light Stretch with Swedish Massage
Cupping Session are $100.00 for the first session that would Includes introduction, 30min cupping session and $75.00 for each cupping session after for the same issue.
Altra-Sound & Electronic Muscle STYM, Treatments can be added to any Massage Session for $30.00 each
( No, Altra-sound or Ectronic Stim., without Massage or Cupping Session)

Swedish Massage Light Stretching

 Swedish Massage / Bodywork Session

   Swedish Massage / Bodywork is the most common form of massage. It is the manipulation of soft tissue and muscle to accommodate relaxation. This massage can be enjoyed by anyone young or old, in shape or out of shape, that is looking to relax and get rid of stress. It is a light touch massage that includes soft music, candle light and a soft, but firm massage. It can last approximately 1 hour and 15min., with optional face, scalp, stomach massage and warm moist heating pads used with every massage session.

 This Session is..,  $75.00

   *Include a Natural Sea Salt Glow with your Swedish Massage, It not only makes the Swedish Massage feel a little different, but it is Great, because it will gently exfoliate the skin as you get the massage and after the massage you not only feel relaxed but your skin left clean and smooth with a nice health glow. The salts are wiped off with a warm wet cloth after each area is done. You need to add 15 to 20 mins to the massage time and $20.00

   Also, need a shower after the massage,a  15min., Shower with 2 Massage heads,  and 2 body spray is available for a $10.00 Fee with Fresh 100% Cotton Towel, Wash cloth, Floor mat and Choice of Shower Gels and Shampoos.

 ( Please...., Make sure to let me know you'll need time for a Salt Glow (and / or), A Shower after, So I can book other appointments accordantly.)



Deep Tissue work on the back

 Deep Tissue Massage

   Deep Tissue Massage is very therapeutic and very relaxing, great for sore and tight muscles or if you just likes a "Firm" massage, Active Clients and Athlete's Love this Massage..! It is Great for soft tissue and muscle pain and helps remove toxins from the body, improve muscle tone, fresh blood flow and oxygen to the muscles for faster recovery time. As part of this massage I work on any area that need extra DEEP, work to relax over worked muscles, break up scar tissue and much more. This massage is not always painful and can be very relaxing but if the client needs deeper work and is O.K ., with the deep work, then I will. Try to remember, Sometimes it takes a little pain to get to the deep muscles or break up scar tissue that maybe the cause of your problem. It has optional Face, Stomach and Scalp Massage, like all my other massage and therapy session. The massage session takes about 1 hour and 20 to 30mins., depending on injury(s) or not, size of the person, etc...,!

 This Session is $80.00each / or $225.00 for a Package of 3 Sessions

   Include a Natural Sea Salt Rub with the Deep Tissue Massage session, It gently exfoliate the skin, revealing smooth clean skin. Your skin will feel and look healthy after a new twist to the massage. The way the salt is massaged in, is a wonderful feeling in it self. You'll have to add about an extra 20 to 30 mins., to the massage session. Just so you know, the salts are wiped off with warm wash cloth. It is an extra, $20.00 fee for the Salt Rub, with the price of Massage session.

 A 15min., Warm Shower Available for $10.00 ( Please..!, make sure to book the time for a Salt Rub and a Shower.)

 * For the Therapeutic Sports with Deep Tissue Massage therapy, click on the Therapeutic section of this site.



Hot Stone Massage
This is a wonderifulway to relax and try something New..... Some People Feel the warm heat from the stones rubbing and warming your body promote natural Healing and once the massage is over, people say that it's like a wieght has been lefted off them.
 (All stones and warmer are cleaned and dryed betrween each client.)
This Session takes about 1 hour and 30minutes for $100.00
NOTE....,  Need to give 24 to 48 hour notice for Hot Stone Massage, we have to start warming stones hour to two hours before and there is about 20 to 30 minutes of clean up time after.
Thank You...!

 Sports and Body Grooming ... For Men Only..! ... Do Not work on Private Areas...

          (Sorry.... Not taking New Clients for Body Grooming appointments....)

  Sports and Body Grooming for Men is Body Hair Removal from the neck down. This service was added after some of my male Athlete's / Clients had a need to have hair removed from an area of the body for sports reasons or just to make themself feel better about taking off his shirt. I offer a Clean, Private and Discreet Office with No Waiting..!. If you would  like more info., .. Please check out the "Hair Removal" tab on the top left handside of the web page.

     Types of Hair Removal Cream Hair Removal, Clip & Shave and Waxing....

 Full Back                               $50.00                         $50.00              $75.00

Chest & Torso                        $50.00                         $50.00             $75.00 

 Both Full Legs                       $80.00                        $80.00            $100.00

Please... Need two to three days Notice of All Appointment...! Thank You...!