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Natural Sea Salt Rubs and Glows

   Spa Treatments...,

  Natural Sea Salt Body Glow and Salt Rubs 
                  with... Swedish Massage or Deep Tissue Massage.

   Both Salt Glows and Salt Rubs are made with Natural Sea Salts, that have different type's of natural Aroma from essential oils mixed in with the fine salts. It is a great way to relax and gently exfoliate the dull surface cells to instantly revealing a smooth healthy glow of your skin, and all you need to do is make it part of a reg., Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage or Therapy session, it is something good for your skin and a wonderful feeling with a new twist. You'll have to add, 20min., to  30min., to the reg., massage session and add a $20.00 fee/ for the Full body Salt Glow or Rub with /the reg., price of a massage or therapy session, " It's an Up Grade..! ", from the reg., session.

   As for the difference...between a Salt Glow and a Salt Rub..., Is really not much other then the time, I add the salt into the massage session and the salt Glow seems to have a fine or smaller grain of salt in the mix of salts and essential oils. The oil in with the salts do two things in the salt glow and rubs, Aroma Oils and the oils keep the salt from breaking down, as you get a massage. As for the removal of the Salt Glow and Rubs.... it is wiped off with a warm wet cloth that melts the salt right off the skin and after each area of the body has been worked with Swedish or Deep Tissue massage, your body left looking younger, smoother and it feels soft with a Healthy Glow.

   Not only do you relax the mind and body by getting great massage, but you get rid of dry, dead skin from the body ( Note, the salt glows and rubs are from the neck down only..! I do not do any type of Facial work. ) but the salt glows and rubs make the  skin healthy for you and your skin as it removes toxins and dead skin cells. As for the Lady's, most of them love it and The Lady's also Love, the men that takes the time, to take can take care of his body inside and out...! Just.., Think about it...!, Most women like men strong but soft men and she not going to wants dry ruff skin next to her all night. It would be like sleeping with sandpaper..! So..., if you do not do it for yourself... do it for her..! ..or HIM..! 


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Natural Sea Salt Body glow and Salt Rubs
Natural Sea Salts used for Salt Rubs and Body Glows.

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